Al Prodgers
Al Prodgers
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Hire Nik Rabinowitz Comedian and
Master of Ceremonies

  • I’m Jewish as well as being a Libran. It’s not easy.
  • As a schoolkid I was dashing and debonnair, with a flair for the ladies. I was like a 13 year old George Clooney, only better looking. And I have burned all evidence to the contrary.
  • I went to a Waldorf School. It gave me great life skills, like playing the treble recorder, planting veggie gardens, and
    crocheting my own underpants.
  • I am somewhat obessed with surfing, and have become an honorary member of the Silver Fox Society.
  • I love cricket. When possible I like to bowl overpitched legspinners for the Wellhungovers Eleven.
  • I live in Cape Town, and I’m married to a doctor. She has a great sense of humour, but the problem is sometimes you think she’s joking, but she’s not, like when she says “pre-heat the oven to 180, but check the cat’s not in there”.
  • The food I eat when my wife isn’t looking is… bacon. Although I went to rehab before our wedding. Now I only relapse about once a year.
  • The secret to my success is I run a small sweatshop in Limpopo where 13 year-old children work day and night crafting
    fart jokes and one-liners.
  • I regularly get asked if I’m one of the Rosenkolowitz sextuplets. I’m not.
  • People would be surprised to know that I’m actually quite a serious guy. And that I own and operate a professional
    Hedgehog racing league.
  • The funniest thing I’ve ever heard was “Don’t touch me on my studio”. Closely followed by “I touch you on your studio”.
  • I was once asked if I ever had a stalker, and if I could meet them, what would I say to them? Well, I have a Jewish mother.
    So that’s kind of like having a stalker for life. What would I say to her? Listen Ma, can’t talk right now, can I call you later?
  • If I was president of South Africa… I would make Zulu dancing an Olympic Sport and pay lobola for Helen Zille.


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